About the company

The JV "KTM-2000" was founded on May 18, 2000.

From a small private company, we have grown to a demanded modern industrial complex, with a developed engineering and technical service, automated equipment, a laboratory complex, our own developments and a number of “know-how”.

Our plant “KTM-2000” is the first and only manufacturer of decorative finishing profiles (floor sills) for floor coverings, corners to protect steps, profiles for ceramic tiles in the Republic of Belarus. For years, we have been promoting this type of product. Constantly following fashion trends in architecture and design, we produce only current products: our profiles are in demand, their quality is constantly improving, and the range is expanding from year to year.

Having launched our own anodizing line, we have established ourselves as a plant that performs unique and sometimes very complex projects in architecture and industry. The following projects can confirm this: Marriott-Falcon Hotel Minsk, Minsk Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Moscow Primakov Gymnasium and many other architectural sites.

The quality of work performed complies with the requirements of GOST 9.301-86 "Metallic and non-metallic inorganic coatings" and the European Qualanod certificate.

A special pride of our plant is the license of Sandalor. Only companies licensed by Sandalor can give real guarantees for color anodizing in architecture. By the way, there are only 7 such enterprises in the world in Eastern Europe, we are the only ones who can do such work.

All these factors put the KTM-2000 plant on the same footing with European manufacturers, guaranteeing our customers the highest quality of their products.

This is confirmed by not only leading positions in the Republic of Belarus, but also constantly expanding exports.

The company exports its products to 21 countries of the world - Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Israel and other countries.

Our galvanic line in Logoisk

Production of profiles for flooring, anodizing of profiles, parts and sheets of aluminum alloys, lamination.


Laboratory equipment - according to European standards

Continuous monitoring of the state of electroplating solutions and their chemical composition is carried out in our factory laboratory. Its equipment meets all European standards. All technologists have been trained at similar enterprises in Germany and Switzerland.

The laboratory is constantly being upgraded with new measuring instruments and equipment. One of our latest acquisitions is the Minolta Spectrophotometer. Now we can not only conduct a study of the properties of anodic coatings by mechanical parameters (thickness, hardness, chemical composition), but also measure the gloss or check the chromaticity.

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Сolor palette samples

The capabilities of our company

Own production areas:

Production of aluminum thresholds MF - 120 tons per year (lamination and perforation)

New anodic coating line with a production capacity of 600 tons per year:

- anodized thresholds: 180 tons per year

- production of other anodized profiles, parts and sheets: 420 tons per year

Total total production capacity of the enterprise: 720 tons of aluminum alloys per year

Main product sales markets

The main market for our products is Belarusian. Today in Belarus we sell up to 70% of our products.

    Foreign economic activity of the company:
  • Russia, Kazakhstan
  • Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Serbia, Israel, England
  • Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria

The products of the KTM-2000 JV are widely represented throughout the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Get advice and purchase our products in specialized stores, retail chains and in the construction markets of cities.

You can also contact our representative in your region, for this send a request by e-mail to the head office of the company.

Email: production@ktm-2000.com