Skyscraper "Hadrian's Tower"
At the beginning of June this year, we completed the main work on the English project Hadrian's Tower. We fixed the remaining small remarks and tweaks during the summer.
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Change of the organizational and legal form of "KTM-2000"
From September 1, 2020, our company changed its name in terms of a new organizational and legal form, which was fixed by an entry in the Unified State Register of 08/31/2020.
New name: KTM-2000 LLC (KTM-2000 Ltd).
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Auto show "Audi Center" in Tyumen In 2014-2015, we participated in the construction of the new Audi Center showroom in Tyumen.
Local residents call Tyumen the capital of the "Siberian Emirates", drawing such an analogy because of the vast oil reserves.
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10 years of cooperation with the Slovak Republic
This year is rich in anniversaries. Recently we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company, and now, we are celebrating 10 years of cooperation with the Slovak Republic, represented by our partner from the city of Vinicne, the company CELOX s.r.o.
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Hybrid Anodizing HybridELOX
After the February presentation of the first hybrid anodizing samples during the Moscow exhibition "Buildind Skin Russia 2020", our engineers continued experiments in combining various chemical processing techniques for aluminum alloys and achieved some success.
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Completion of the HADRIAN'S TOWER project (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Today is a historical day, the last facade element was installed on our English project.
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SKI BEL skiing rollers
A new type of product was mastered at the Minsktrans Mechanical Repair Plant with the participation of engineers and designers of KTM-2000.
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May 18, 2020, our company turned 20 years old!
Thanks to all who were with us, who supported and believed in us, those with whom we created modern production, those who today work in production, in sales, in marketing and in finance.
Thanks to all our partners who have been cooperating with us for many years!
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Reconstruction of the Great Patriotic War Memorial on Victory Square
Almost a month before the planned date, until May 9, 2020, reconstruction of the Great Patriotic War Memorial on Victory Square was completed.
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Charity event "Photographers for children"
KTM-2000 Architectural Anodizing Plant and the Photographers Union took part in the charity event Photographers for Children.
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Results of Building Skin Russia 2020
We want to express our deep gratitude to all visitors to the Building Skin Russia 2020 exhibition and forum.
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We invite you to the IV Forum of the Outer shells of buildings "Building Skin Russia 2020", February 26-27
An exhibition-forum begins in the format of several conference streams, as well as an exhibition of participants on two floors of the Danilovsky Event Hall, on Wednesday, February 26, (71 Dubininskaya St., p. 5, Moscow).
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Our English project
We have reached the finish line of the current project in England and are ready to present this project at the end of February, at the Moscow exhibition Skin Building Russia 2020, 26-27.02
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Future Generation Park by AM Atrium
Such a fantastic project is planned for construction in Yakutia, I just want to say: "The future is here"
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IV Forum of Outer shells of buildings "Building Skin Russia 2020", February 26-27
The KTM-2000 architectural anodizing factory will take part in the Moscow forum “Building Skin Russia 2020”, which will be held on February 26-27 at the Danilovsky Event Hall, at 71 Dubininskaya St., p. 5.
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The best projects of the KTM Plant in 2019
The results of the contest "Best Projects of the KTM Plant" completed by our company in 2019 are summed up.
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A talented photographer Natalya Putyato have presented an exhibition "SNOW PLANET" in the Minsk Planetarium
Several artworks for this exhibition were made by our company on anodized aluminum with digital metallographic sub-anode printing #DigitELOX.
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Our dear colleagues, partners, friends!
We wish this year to present new great opportunities and outlooks on prosperity and success.
Let there always be happiness in your home, love in your heart
and in our partnerships stability, trust, honesty, mutual understanding and good luck in our partnerships!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Qualitative certificate of anode coatings for architectural applications Qualanod-2020
The KTM architectural anodizing plant, Logoysk, a branch of the Belarusian-Lithuanian joint venture KTM-2000, once again confirmed the conformity of its production processes to the highest international quality standards in the field of anode coating.
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Volunteering in our work
Being the "conductors" of the most up-to-date information in the field of galvanic processing of aluminum alloys, in the field of their metallurgy and mechanical processing, as well as general engineering and organization of LEAN-production, having access to the most advanced technologies of leading enterprises around the world, we constantly conduct volunteer work with Belarusian Universities, we help students in the field of professional self-determination, show how their knowledge can be applied in practice, how production processes are organized and optimized .
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