Interesting solutions
Interesting solutions

This project has incorporated all the newest and most advanced developments in the field of construction, engineering and architecture.

The most complex solutions were found by Belarusian architects and designers in the implementation of the 3D façade (BIM building information modeling, 3D geo-filming, creating a three-dimensional model taking into account edits of actual structural measurements and issuing a control program immediately adapted for a CNC machine). In the shortest possible time, the Belarusian industry realized the development of designers in metal (three-dimensional light-alloy trusses, unique and non-repetitive elements of the ventilation façade) ...

Our company, KTM Plant, applied the most reliable and durable protective and decorative coating to the aluminum cladding of the facade: Sandalor / Qualanod standard colored anodizing.

Long years of operation of such objects as: the Cambridge Library (1934), the Sydney Tower (1975), the University of Biomedicine in Hesse (2011), proved the safety and reliability of anodic coatings, also showed the advantages of anodizing over other types of coatings (paint and varnish: powder and liquid painting) - unchanged “lively” appearance, color and luster, no corrosion, the ability to clean from the effects of natural (precipitation, pollution) and the social environment (graffiti), incombustibility.

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