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16 main advantages of anodized aluminum

  • - Natural metallic sheen and respectable aspect
    - Excellent corrosion resistance
    - Flammability group - nonflammable
    - Over 40 years of proven lifetime
    - Exceptional abrasion resistance
    - No risk of adhesion failure of the anodic film
    - No risk of fading
    - No risk of chalking
    - No risk of filoform corrosion
    - Preservation of the original surface texture and design
    - Optimal surface coverage
    - Anodic film is totally transparent
    - On-site quality control possible without creating surface damage in testing
    - 100% recyclable
    - Production process can be carried out in accordance with latest environmental standards
    - Lifetime Guarantee available


Classical anodizing


Colour anodizing by Sandalor


Digital anodizing


Artistic anodizing

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