KTM: Top projects of 2021
KTM: Top projects of 2021

In the field of anodizing in architecture, we singled out the project of facade of the Lyckeskolan school in Sweden, which we implemented together with the Estonian branch of the Finnish company Ruukki. Aluminum facade claddings made by Ruukki (regular cassettes and cassettes with perforation, joint and transition profiles, elements from expanded aluminum sheets/meshes) were delivered in a special processing regime (tolling mode) to the Belarus. Further, despite the Covid-19 epidemic, they were anodized in our production in golden color in the shortest possible time and delivered to the construction site in Sweden on time.

In the field of anodizing in the industry, over the past year, many interesting projects have been implemented, and in completely different industries, but as it often happens, we do not see the final result of our work and sometimes we do not even guess where exactly these or those anodized parts will be used.

How nice it is sometimes to find out that our anodizing were used in the production of some special devices, equipment or machines, to see their photos and show everyone around us that we also put our hand and our work on them.

So the most interesting project of 2021 was the anodizing of aluminum tread plates and special profiles for finishing the toolboxes of fire-fighting trucks manufactured in Borisov by Pozhsnab.

The year 2021 brought us participation in the construction of the stations of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line (BCL), we anodized the cladding of the track walls and ceilings of two BСL stations: the Zuzino station and the Michurinsky Prospekt station.

In terms of beauty, innovation, complexity and volume of work performed by us, the Michurinsky Prospekt station is far ahead, where galvanic printing with anodization in titanium electrolyte were used for the first time (the new color Platinum C51 was used for the first time).

On December 7th, the grand opening of 10 new BCL stations of the Moscow metro took place.
We anodized the aluminum claddings of two stations among these 10 opened stations.
One of which, the Michurinsky Prospekt station, according to the residents of the capital, became the most beautiful BCL station of the Moscow metro, that is why we singled it out in the field of the best interior projects using anodizing and galvanic printing.

Impressed by the result of anodizing in new colors using titanium electrolyte, we launched a series of finishing profiles and thresholds in Titanium color, which were positively received by our customers not only in Belarus, but also far beyond its borders.

In addition, throughout 2021, together with various manufacturers of building chemicals, we have been developing installation scheme and instructions, promoting system for long-term protection of balconies and terraces, using special aluminum drainage profiles produced by us under license from our Slovak partners, CELOX.

This system was developed in Slovakia, tested, certified in the European Union and has been successfully used for 30 years.

Despite the fact that in general, the climatic conditions in the European Union are milder than in Belarus, and even more so than in Russia or Kazakhstan, this system was tested taking into account the possible use in the mountainous areas of Slovakia, where the number of annual cycles of frost resistance (freezing and thawing) reaches much higher values than ours, and therefore the test results obtained can be used with us, counting on a 30-40 year service life of open balconies or terraces.

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