Authorization of KTM-2000 in the system of registered exporters REX
Authorization of KTM-2000 in the system of registered exporters REX

On June 30, 2021 our enterprise (KTM-2000) became a registered importer in the international REX system (Registred EXporter system) used by Switzerland and Norway within the framework of national preferential systems.

Exporters to Switzerland and Norway are not required to issue a certificate of origin of goods of the "A" form for each exported consignment, which is now the basis for the application of tariff preferences when importing Belarusian products into the territory of these countries.

Our customers from these countries will not be charged any customs duty when importing our products to their place in Switzerland and Norway.

After registration in the REX system, Belarusian exporters can independently declare information about the origin of goods in commercial documents.

To do this, you need to get your unique REX number, so the KTM-2000 has the following number - BYREX130062021000006.

Exporter validation looks like this:

The implementation of the REX system will provide generally favorable conditions for the export of Belarusian, including our products, to Norway and Switzerland.

General information about the REX system can be found on the website of the European Commission:

Specification of our validation in the REX system
(Application of the registration):
Applicable to the GSP scheme of the EU - No
Applicable to the GSP scheme of Switzerland - Yes
Website of the Swiss competent administration:
Applicable to the GSP scheme of Norway - Yes
Website of the Norwegian competent administration:


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