This is the end of the main construction event of this year.
This is the end of the main construction event of this year.

This is the end of the main building events of this year that were held this week in Moscow: the Aluminum Forum as well as the construction exhibitions Rosbild and Moschild.

Time passed just instantly, there were many interesting meetings, well-known speakers from different countries were spoken at the forum, names of the architectural bureaus speak for themselves:
- Zaha Hadid Architects (United Kingdom)
- MVRDV (Netherlands)
- Zanetti Design Architettura (Italy)
- Behnisch Architekten (Germany)
- Giencke & Company Architects (Austria)
- GAN Global Architecture Network (South Korea)

The greatest impression was made by the interview of the professor from Tokyo University, famous architect Kango Kuma who revealed the most important characteristics of aluminum for architects all over the world:
- natural, "living" material, changing its appearance depending on the light and time of year,
- truly "green" eco-friendly material that does not pollute our nature and is the easiest to process,
- easy, soaring and at the same time strong,
- using anodizing which gives it an indescribable unique appearance, has served for decades,
- this is the material of the XXI century, it has the future!

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