Moscow Aluminum Forum ends
Moscow Aluminum Forum ends

The Moscow Aluminum Forum that was held in frames of Rosbuild exhibition was closed and our “Gagarin” due to the Day of Cosmonautics returned to the Belarusian land. It filled in the street exposition located at the open southern site of the KTM-2000 Minsk office.

Aluminum is a winged metal, it is a symbol of aviation and astronautics. As the classic said: “This material has the future ...” we haven’t got any doubts about what kind of first artistic panel to make on the new Swiss equipment of company Mantel Digital AG Sub-anodic printing using digital anodizing technology #DigitELOX is. Of course it was to be the image of the first man who conquered space, the photo of Yuri Gagarin.

The result exceeded all the expectations, our “Gagarin” made a real sensation during the Aluminum Forum and even the representatives of Roskosmos and WARGAMING.NET did not hesitate to express their admiration.

Our "Gagarin" will stay in Minsk for a short time because the customer is already waiting for it, therefore, we invite everyone to hurry up and visit us soon, get acquainted with the street exposition of variations of modern anodizing, evaluate the quality of the digitalsub-anode printing DigitELOX and also see how many anodizing colors were saved during years of their staying on the south side of our office building.

#Cosmonautics Day # Let's go # wottotokosmos

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