Installation for the New Orleans Gallery
Installation for the New Orleans Gallery

On the eve of our architectural #KTM_ARCH_Road_Show in Scandinavian and Baltic countries we want to share a small announcement of the new art project which has been prepared at our factory.

It will be the installation for the New Orleans Gallery of the famous body art artist Craig Tracy (The Craig Tracy Gallery

The work is called "Olympia".

We want to make it a combination of two techniques #ArtELOX and #DigitELOX in order to achieve combination of the holographic effect of sub-anode printing with repetition of the image of the etched pattern with relief with highlighting of silver parts by chemical polishing and selective engraving.

The reason for the creation of this art object was the purchase of its own sub-anode DataPrint printer from Mantel Digital AG (Switzerland) which was modernized by our engineers. Now it is a universal machine can not only work with colored electroplating inks but also with special resists (Swiss and Japanese) what allows to perform subsequent operations of selective organic, electrochemical and mineral staining as well as chemical etching and polishing operations.


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