New training course for our specialists and chemists-technologists
New training course for our specialists and chemists-technologists

A special course on electrochemical staining of anode coatings for us was prepared by experts from Chemetall-BASF: Oliver Katschmareck (Germany) and Piotr Cholewinski (Poland).

Our foreign colleagues noted the high level of training of our technologists with vast practical experience in work with all kinds of aluminum alloys from different manufacturers.

Anodizing is a non-trivial task. It is impossible to get a good result at the finish without deep knowledge of metallurgy and the technology of machining aluminum alloys.

Communicating with us also provides a lot of useful information for our colleagues from Chemetall-BASF, because KTM plant have been a platform for the introduction of new technologies for a long time already. It is a venue for experiments with new alloys and new types of machining.

The most important principle that we invariably follow is a constant striving for improvement, for the study and implementation of new tendencies and for the optimization of the existing.As Henry Ford said:
"If you don’t study, then imperceptibly you will become an old man and it doesn’t matter how old you are 20 or 80 years old.
When you study, you always remain young and progressive. "


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