New equipment - new opportunities!
New equipment - new opportunities!

Over the past six months the development of new equipment has been conductingin the test area of our production and today we are able to present it to the general public. First of all this is a new large-format galvanic DataPrint printer from the Swiss company Mantel Digital AGthat is designed for sub-anode printing on aluminum.

This device will allow us to present fully the digital anodizing technology #DigitELOX in Belarus, EAEU countries, Eastern Europe as well as in other countries of the world.

For example, we have already managed to implement with its help several projects in Belarus, Russia, the USA, Dubai, Sweden and Slovakia. Today it is the largest sub-anode printer available in Eastern Europe. The format of the printing field of the machine is slightly less than 1800x1200mm. Printing can be done on products up to 40 mm thick. However we decided to improve the printer in order to have possibility to print on products of a larger thickness, as well as a larger format.

In addition, the printer has the ability to work with special resistors and blockers using ArtELOX art anodizing technology. The transition from the use of expensive silk-screen resisting technology to effective digital technology has significantly reduced the preparation production time and reduce its cost. The most important is that now we can produce an unlimited number of samples and models of various textures and color combinations very quickly and inexpensively, we canfulfill orders from any categories of customers without restrictions on the minimum quantity.

Secondly, we invested in the purchase of a large CNC milling and engraving machine.

The maximum format of the processed product is 2500x1300x170mm. The useof this machine in a compartment with a sub-anode printer will allow you to do unique things with a unique appearance and design. The complex of new equipment significantly expands the capabilities of the anodizing line for the unique processing of industrial products and architecture and allows to achieve new effects and functionality.

We can do much with the help of the given equipment:
FOR INDUSTRY instrument case and special equipment, front panels, information control circuits, nameplates and other identification marks, details and elements of machines , mechanisms with the possibility to mark, bar and QR codes, printing additional information, functional and decorative images on flat surfaces (printing it can be black and white, or color on a light background, as well as inverter when the labels or images remain bright against the background of the black case of the device). Possibility of applying high-quality protective coatings on polished surfaces with minimal loss of gloss, including with the possibility of sub-anode printing of any information.

FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN - elements of building facades, entrance groups, reception areas, meeting rooms, bars, other places where you need to maintain a corporate style or put the right accents - decoration of kitchens and laboratories - decoration of shops and exhibition stands - decoration of walls and ceilings with sheets and panels - decoration of escalators and elevators - decoration of dashboards and front panels, for example, ATMs, safes and deposit boxes in banks, mailboxes of various institutions - window dressing, advertising displays, signs - use for the manufacture of accessories and fillings for windows, doors and partitions - for the production of designer furniture and unique elements, ornaments, etc. - in the manufacture of household appliances - finishing options for lighting devices and installations.
ADVANTAGES OF ALUMINUM: - homogeneous decorative coating - no fingerprints on the surface, especially on brushed / brushed surface - resistance to corrosion - high wear resistance - easy to clean with ordinary detergents with neutral alkalinity, suitable for sterilization in special devices - significantly reduces the weight of structures, 1/3 of the weight of stainless steel - easy to handle - suitable for laser cutting - environmentally friendly material, suitable for recycling.


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