DigitELOX Sub-Anode Printing Art Image
DigitELOX Sub-Anode Printing Art Image

On August 9, His Grace Benjamin Bishop of Borisov and Maryinogorsk consecrated the spring in honor of the celebrated holy great martyr and healer Panteleimon, the patron saint of patients and doctors.

Representatives of the clergy praised our work highly on the production of reproductions of icons on anodized aluminum. They noted that these icons are accurately and vividly convey the faces of the saints. It divine presence is felt near them and this may help believers to be healed.

The spring in honor of St. and the healer Panteleimon is open to all who wish to pray at this place. It is possible to draw water and plunge into the font here.

We express our deep gratitude for the trust to doctor of the sanatorium Nikolai IvanovichChernuho as well as the director of the UPTK OJSC Minskpromstroy - BalabanovichAndrei for providing patronage assistance to the sanatorium and for performing a charitable deed.

The publication used materials from the site of the Berezinsky deanery.

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