The use of anodized aluminum in interiors
The use of anodized aluminum in interiors

During the design festival ELLE Decoration Days in Minsk, we received many questions regarding the possibility of using anodized aluminum in the interior.

And just the other day, one of our customers sent his positive feedback, as well as a publication in the Internet publication "The Village", about a jointly implemented design project for interior decoration, which opened in Moscow restaurant "Peqlo Asian Barbecue".

The Village edition described this event as follows: "... it seems that they opened another rising gastronomic star to Moscow ... The interior of the Peqlo restaurant is one of the best interiors of the last year: restrained, calm, with interesting details and an intellectual hint. .. "

Despite the fact that aluminum is more associated with modernist trends, with the hi-tech style, the elements anodized in bronze color unobtrusively fit into the interior with elegant and even aristocratic contours of the decoration of window and doorways.

In addition, anodized claddings artificially aged under bronze harmoniously complemented the wall installations of large marble log cabins of cream and blue shades, with rough edges and an interesting, unusual pattern.

It is safe to say that the use of anodized aluminum in this project has become a highlight of the restaurant's interior.

Unfortunately, interior designers still underestimate the potential of aluminum, assuming difficulties with its processing, but modern digital technologies, the use of CNC machines, allow to create equally grandiose architectural projects, as well as small interior design projects.

Today, the most important thing for a designer or architect is to give free rein to their imagination and find true professionals in the processing of aluminum who can realize these fantasies ...

Technical characteristics of the project:
Aluminum - J57s_Up (EN AW 5005a h14 AQ 2.0mm) "Novelis", Germany
Production of aluminum elements - "Production Culture", Russia
Anodizing - C34 Dark bronze (EURAS) KTM Plant, Belarus
Opening Date - 08/30/2019

P.S. This publication uses materials from the online edition of The Village:


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