PHOTOCRAFT. Exhibition Minsk
PHOTOCRAFT. Exhibition Minsk

From November 8 to 10, in the "Palace of Art" on Kozlova St. 3, an exhibition of photographs, photo and video equipment, as well as photo printing technologies was held.

Our company introduced to the general public the latest technology for sub-anode printing #DigitELOX (digital anodizing of aluminum).

The main difference of our technology is that the image is formed from billions of tiny capillaries filled with special nano-ink (the size of the coloring particles is only 1-4 nanometers).

The capillaries (pores) of aluminum oxide are oriented perpendicular to the surface, making the image seem voluminous, and if you supplement the photos with special cold light (5-7'000 ° Kelvin), then the effect of internal glow will be added to the volume.

This phenomenon arises due to optical refraction (refraction) and interference of light.

Anodized aluminum has a transparent oxide layer on the surface that simultaneously reflects and transmits incident light through itself, it is this feature that creates the internal glow of aluminum when interacting with cold light.

Details of the DigitELOX technology can be found on the page:


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