Volunteering in our work
Volunteering in our work

Being the "conductors" of the most up-to-date information in the field of galvanic processing of aluminum alloys, in the field of their metallurgy and mechanical processing, as well as general engineering and organization of LEAN-production, having access to the most advanced technologies of leading enterprises around the world, we constantly conduct volunteer work with Belarusian Universities, we help students in the field of professional self-determination, show how their knowledge can be applied in practice, how production processes are organized and optimized .

We demonstrate to students and teachers innovative developments, new projects in the field of application of light alloys for architecture, construction and various industries.

We organize meetings with leading experts from foreign countries, excursions to various industries and construction sites of facilities under construction in Minsk and not only where the technologies of the KTM-2000 Architectural and Industrial Anodizing Plant were applied.

We interact with educational institutions in the field of chemical, mechanical, technological, engineering and architectural and construction education and the goal of this interaction is the same - to increase the level of Belarusian specialists and applied technologies, to bring our engineering science to the forefront of the world industrial elite.


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