Qualitative certificate of anode coatings for architectural applications Qualanod-2020
Qualitative certificate of anode coatings for architectural applications Qualanod-2020

The KTM architectural anodizing plant, Logoysk, a branch of the Belarusian-Lithuanian joint venture KTM-2000, once again confirmed the conformity of its production processes to the highest international quality standards in the field of anode coating.

Our company has chosen the most difficult path, the path of inspection checks from the German and Dutch IFO institutes (Institut für Oberflächentechnik), whose inspectors are "famous" for their integrity and sometimes excessive demands.

We chose this path, because we want to be equal to world leaders, to be at the forefront of galvanic technologies, to be part of the world elite.

As a result, we passed all the inspection checks of this year 2019 and on their basis received a new certificate for 2020.

Besides the fact that the Qualanod system helps anodizing plants to build all production processes, processes of periodic and interoperational control, it also, through international inspectors, is a carrier of new information for galvanic plants.

Qualanod creates special working groups to improve working methods and develop new standards.

So, this year, the specialists of our company were invited to participate in the work of an international group involved in the development of a system of instrumental control and identification of visual perception of anodized building facades.

We started to develop this technique and successfully apply it back in 2017, when we received a license for color anodization in Sandalor architecture and now our experience will find worthy application in the new edition of the Qualanod standard.


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