ROSEGOLD new color of anodizing
ROSEGOLD new color of anodizing

One of the most popular design and architecture trends of 2021 was the use of copper finishes.

Natural copper has firmly taken its place both in the interiors of our homes and in the cladding of buildings.

It blends harmoniously with almost all classic materials such as wood, stone, marble, granite, ceramic tiles ...

The most significant disadvantage of natural copper is its price (copper is almost 4 times more expensive than aluminum).

In addition, it is very heavy, the density of copper is 8.96 tons / m3, which is 3.3 times the density of aluminum (2.7 tons / m3).

Another feature of natural copper is that it oxidizes all the time, changing its appearance.

Sometimes it is very beautiful, remember the green copper patina, but it takes years for copper to take on this appearance under natural conditions, or you need to use copper artificially patinated by chemical means.

Anodized aluminum using the #RoseGold technology has become a serious alternative to natural copper.

This is a complete imitation of the color of natural copper, and RoseGold exists in several shades that characterize the various oxidation states of copper: from bright pink-orange, to almost dark cherry, from yellowish-red, to rich terracotta and even brown, depending on the wishes of the customer. ...

In addition, using the DigitELOX galvanic printing and ArtELOX chemical etching methods, we can obtain patinated relief surfaces that do not differ at all from the original.

But at the same time, anodized aluminum retains light weight, unsurpassed corrosion resistance and, most importantly, it is significantly cheaper than natural copper.

With experience with RoseGold technology for the production of building facades in Norway, the UK and even Hong Kong, we decided to bring this new color into the realm of finishing profiles for ceramic tiles, marble and stone.

In the near future, the first batch of RoseGold color profiles will appear in our warehouse.

We really hope that you will appreciate our new product!


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