Lyckeskolan - School of Happiness
Lyckeskolan - School of Happiness

Another project of the school, clad in anodized aluminum, in our piggy bank.

Now it is Sweden, the small town of Kinna, which is located near Gothenburg and exactly in the middle between Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

We anodized cassettes and expanded metal sheets in gold color, delivered in tolling mode to Belarus from the Estonian branch of the Finnish Ruukki.

Our work proceeded in three stages: the first in December 2020, the second in January-February 2021, and the last stage fell on April-May.

On August 17, the #Lyckeskolan school opened its doors again after completing all the reconstruction work that had lasted for several years.

The school is designed for 650 students who will study here until grade 9.

The old school building from the 60s, as well as the pavilion added in 2017, have been renovated taking into account modern requirements for the learning process, as well as environmental impact and energy savings.

The school has been assigned a “P” classification, which means a good indoor environment in terms of sound, light, thermal comfort, ventilation, air quality, material selection, humidity and airtightness.

This also means that the school is energy efficient and contains only healthy, low emission materials and is free of allergenic substances.

When the framing structure and exterior wall cladding options were selected in the project, several alternatives were evaluated based on price, climate impact and other characteristics.

Based on the assessment results, the optimal structure and aluminum façade claddings were selected that are cost effective, have a low level of climate impact, and are easy to recycle at the end of their service life.

The architects immediately foresaw the possibility of completing additional buildings.

Lyckeskolan School took over the function of an educational center not only for children, but also for adults, it will be used in the evenings as a media library, a center for knowledge, art and culture, as well as a place for sports in two new spacious halls and at the adjoining stadium.

Client: Municipality of Marks (Marks kommun)
Architects: Petra Thedin, Emmie Tabrizi Carlsson
Fredblad Architects, Sweden
Contractor: Skanska, Sweden
Facades: Ruukki, Estonia
Aluminum: Aleris, part of Novelis, Belgium
Anodizing: KTM-2000, Belarus

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