Technical start-up of the BKL metro station "Michurinsky Prospect", Moscow
Technical start-up of the BKL metro station "Michurinsky Prospect", Moscow

Today, September 17, 2021, the technical start-up(launch) of the south-western section of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the metro, which includes the stations “Aminevskaya”, “Michurinsky Prospekt” and “Prospekt Vernadsky”.

When working with the interiors of the Moscow metro station BKL “Michurinsky Prospekt”, the principles of joint creative work of the Russian-Chinese group of designers were applied, using the unique technology of anodizing aluminum honeycomb panels with galvanic printing from KTM-2000 (Belarus).

The main accent of the station is a composition of aluminum suspended panels on the platform part of the station, into which lighting fixtures are integrated. There is no suspended ceiling in the central part of the station. The concrete slab surface is sanded and painted with a silicate protective compound. Against the dark background of the ceiling, panels and a decorative beam structure, which hides electrical communications, stand out in contrast.

The artistic image of the station is inspired by the traditions of Chinese architecture combined with the requirements for the architecture of a transport structure - simplicity of form and functionality.

The columns on the station platform are faced with panels of red agglomerate (quartz stone). The use of red, symbolizing prosperity and happiness, has a clear function - it facilitates intuitive navigation for passengers.
Seeing this color on the columns, the passenger easily identifies the Michurinsky Prospekt BCL station. The ceiling girder structure is also painted in red, bringing the columns with the ceiling into a single composition.

Hanging panels are decorated with luminous ornaments. The signs depicted on the panel symbolize "Friendship" - in this case, friendship between the two powers, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.
Lobby # 2 provides for a transfer to the Solntsevskaya line, through the ground section. The suspended ceiling of the lobby is designed from honeycomb aluminum panels, including those with electroplated printing of patterns, repeating patterns, in the form of petals.

It was possible to build a model of the station and successfully implement our plans thanks to the use of computer BIM programs for three-dimensional modeling, which are successfully implemented in the Mosproekt-3 group of companies, as well as innovative technologies of the KTM Architectural Anodizing Plant (part of the Russian Aluminum Association).
Development of the project by GK "Mosproekt-3", JSC "Mospromproekt"

General Director of the Mosproekt-3 Group of Companies: A. D. Merkulova
Technical Director of JSC "Mospromproekt": Tsyupa D.A.
Head of the Archive Department: V.V. Buturlintsev
Architects: Baranov R.V., Chistyakova T.V.
A.V. Odintsov
Zhou Jimin (CIA Rus LLC)
Aluminum structure manufacturer
POSP "National Investments"
LLC "Quantum Construction" (Moscow)
J57s_Up (5005a / AMG1)
Novelis, Germany
Anodizing and electroplating on aluminum
KTM plant, a branch of KTM-2000 LLC (Belarus)
Anodizing color - C51 Platinum (titanium electrolyte)
Director: Taras Gvozdkov
Project manager: Murashov Igor
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