Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Center
Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Center

The full name of the Project No. 15.034: "Center for Olympic rhythmic gymnastics training in Minsk"

The official opening of this beautiful building will take place on March 8, 2018.

This project has absorbed all the newest and most advanced developments in the field of construction, engineering, architecture and has already become the object of close attention of the architectural community, not only Belarus, but also Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other EU countries.

Experts from Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Poland, who visited the construction site in February, unanimously note the high complexity of the building's structure and its facade, the anodizing of the facade that is immaculate in quality, and the uniqueness and innovation of ArtELOX anodic coating with an abstract structure.

By the way, ArtELOX anodic coating is a development of the Belarusian chemists of the KTM plant, who compiled the technology from the achievements of their Japanese, German and Swiss colleagues, using the know-how of New Zealand metallurgical chemists.

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