Plant KTM is licensee of the European Association of Color Anodizing SANDALOR
Plant KTM is licensee of the European Association of Color Anodizing SANDALOR

On March 1, 2017, we received the license of the association of color anodizing SANDALOR (Switzerland) N 217, which allows us to participate in any European projects in the field of color anodizing - the most complicated type of anodizing.

SANDALOR is a certificate of quality of the highest category of complexity in the field of anodizing, because color anodizing is the most complicated type of anodizing.

Today there are only SEVEN valid licenses and only one license in Eastern Europe, it is the license of Plant KTM (2 in Germany, 2 in Austria, 1 in Switzerland, 1 in Spain and now 1 in Belarus)!!!

Thus, we are the only company from the countries of Eastern Europe who could do it!

If anodizing company does not have such license, no serious project will entrust to it.

This license is issued only to those enterprises that have European quality certificate for anodic coatings in architecture QUALANOD. Specialists of the applicant's enterprise must undergo special training in color anodizing, production equipment, control equipment. Anodizing technology of the enterprise must undergo inspection controls (primary and subsequent annual, at least 2 times per year).

All our inspections were carried out in the middle of 2016, the employees were trained in Germany and Switzerland since 2015, the second stage of training took place at our plant in 2016.

But that's not all, for this year the third and fourth stages of education are planned in Belarus and Switzerland-Germany.

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List of licensed enterprises on the official website of SANDALOR:

Certificate SANDALOR:
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