New BCL stations of the Moscow metro with the participation of "KTM-2000"
New BCL stations of the Moscow metro with the participation of "KTM-2000"

The construction of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro is planned to be completed in 2022, this year will be the largest in the history of the Moscow Metro, one-stage commissioning of 10 new stations, two of which were made with the participation of our enterprise, the architectural anodizing plant "KTM -2000 ".
These are the Zyuzino stations and the Michurinsky Prospekt BCL (not to be confused with the Michurinsky Prospekt station of the Solntsevskaya line, which was opened in 2019).

In the aluminum finishes of these stations, the most advanced technologies for the electroplating of aluminum were applied:
- color anodizing Sandalor in a bright, "burning" in the light of spotlights, olive-yellow OlivGelb S100-0 color (previously this color was not used on any project in Eastern Europe);
- anodizing in C51 "Platinum" color using titanium electrolyte (it was also used for the first time in Eastern Europe);
- galvanic printing combined with anodizing in titanium electrolyte (it was applied for the first time in the world!)

Both stations were commissioned in mid-September 2021 and are located in the southern and southwestern sections of the BCL.
The construction of the BCL is the world's largest metro construction project.
After the completion of the construction of the BCL, its length will be 70 km and it will have 31 stations and 3 electric depots, thus, the BCL can become the longest ring line of the metro in the world, overtaking the current "record holder" among underground ring lines - the Second ring line of the Beijing Metro (57 km ).
When preparing the video, materials from the “Mosinzhproekt” JSC website were used, as well as the website of the Complex of Urban Development Policy and Construction of the City of Moscow

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