“The first“ 1st September of Letovo’s School
The Letovo School was opened for gifted children of Russia on September 1, 2018.
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Gymnastics Palace - New Urban Art Object
It's pleasure to make beautiful project, to leave the mark in the history of native city.
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New site
A new site was launched with a detailed description of the art anodizing technology with selective chemical engraving ArtELOX.
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Anodized aluminum is not only an architecture, but also a design.
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Aluminum floor mats
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Updated catalogs
We updated the catalogs of protective finishing profiles (thresholds) and usage of anodized aluminum in architecture.
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Street exposition
Permanent street exposition of options for cladding facades of buildings with anodized aluminum was opened on the territory of Minsk office
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Belarus Republican Center for Olympic rhythmic gymnastics training. Minsk, Belarus
Architectural Bureau of the UE "Minskproekt", GAP Irina SKOROBOGATAYA.

The official opening took place on March 8, 2018.
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"Seminar discussion" Color anodizing in architecture "
On May 24, 2018 a unique live seminar discussion “Color Anodizing in Architecture. Actual decisions in world practice" was held together with the Belarusian Union of Architects.
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We Congratulate our team with the maturity, the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the company!
On May 18, 2000 Joint Venture "KTM-2000" was registered in the state register by the Administration of the Free Economic Zone "Minsk".
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European largest gymnastics arena
The Republican Center for Olympic training in rhythmic gymnastics was opened in a solemn atmosphere on the eve of the 8th of March, in Minsk on the Pobediteley Avenue.

By the way, this Center has become the largest gymnastic arena in Europe.
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Gymnastics Palace
There is landmark gift for the most graceful representatives in the sports worl

The Gymnastics Palace was solemnly opened in Minsk today.
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New project
The official opening ceremony of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace has just taken place, and we are already "headlong" in the new project, its delivery is scheduled for the end of spring.
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Gymnastics Palace "Minsk, technical characteristics of the project Center for Olympic rhythmic gymnastics training, Minsk
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Chinese New Year 2018, as interpreted by KTM-2000
Who is well rested, that works well and vice versa!
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Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Center
February 23, 2018 became a symbolic date for us. It is the date when we officially completed the main anodizing of the facades of the Gymnastics Palace (Arena of rhythmic gymnastics in Minsk)!
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exhibition "R + T 2018"
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«Materic’s» opening
Today, February 24, 2018, the grand opening of the construction hypermarket "Materic" took place in the hero-city of Brest.
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Government liaison
One of the most important customers of our company is the Government of the Republic of Belarus.
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The lecture for students of the 4th and 5th courses of the Chemical Faculty of the Belarusian State University
the head of our company, Taras E. Gvozdkov, gave a lecture to students of the 4th and 5th courses of the Chemical Faculty of the Belarusian State University.
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