Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our dear colleagues, partners, friends!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Quality Certificate of Anodic Coatings for Architectural Application Qualanod-2022
The architectural anodizing plant "KTM-2000" in Logoisk, once again confirmed the compliance of its production processes with the highest international quality standards in the field of anodic coating and received an extension of the Qualanod license for 2022.
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In the corporate blog of the Swiss chemical concern Clariant, a series of articles with customer stories has been published and the first article in this series is about successful cooperation with our company.

The Swiss colleagues believe that it was the unique three-way partnership (KTM-Omya-Clariant) is highlighting the design possibilities using this special process.
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This year marks 15 years since the KTM Plant appeared in Logoisk
It was with this title that the October editorial appeared in the regional newspaper "Rodny Krai" and we decided to remember how it was and to pick up several photos from the archive, to remember those thanks to whom our KTM-2000 appeared and is successfully developing.
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New BCL stations of the Moscow metro with the participation of "KTM-2000"
The construction of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro is planned to be completed in 2022, this year will be the largest in the history of the Moscow Metro, one-stage commissioning of 10 new stations, two of which were made with the participation of our enterprise, the architectural anodizing plant "KTM -2000 ".
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Technical start-up of the BCL metro station "Zuzino", Moscow
While preparing for AlumForum-2021, we lost sight of the technical launch of another Moscow metro station on September 18, where we took a direct part - the "Zuzino" station.
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Titanium series - new colors in the KTM anodizing palette
We closely follow the changing world of construction fashion, where architects and designers direct their gaze and try to promptly offer them the latest solutions, to be at the forefront of the aluminum industry.
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AlumForum-2021 in Skolkovo
On September 23, the 2nd Aluminum Forum, organized by the Russian Aluminum Association, the Union of Moscow Architects and the Union of Architects of Russia, ended.

After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first major offline event for the domestic aluminum industry.
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Hadrian's Tower - a video showing how the project was implemented
We thank our partners from Ukraine and Great Britain for the provided archival materials, it helped us to put everything together and make a short but very interesting video about this project.
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AlumForum-2021 in Skolkovo
On Tuesday, September 21, the 2nd Aluminum Forum, organized by the Russian Aluminum Association, starts.

The program of the event includes many round tables and panel discussions on the use of aluminum in architecture and interiors, dedicated to innovations in the aluminum industry, as well as environmental issues and reducing the carbon footprint of aluminum enterprises and their products.
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Technical start-up of the BKL metro station "Michurinsky Prospect", Moscow
Today, September 17, 2021, the technical start-up(launch) of the south-western section of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the metro, which includes the stations “Aminevskaya”, “Michurinsky Prospekt” and “Prospekt Vernadsky”.
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Lyckeskolan - School of Happiness
Another project of the school, clad in anodized aluminum, in our piggy bank.
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ROSEGOLD new color of anodizing
One of the most popular design and architecture trends of 2021 was the use of copper finishes.
Natural copper has firmly taken its place both in the interiors of our homes and in the cladding of buildings.
It blends harmoniously with almost all classic materials such as wood, stone, marble, granite, ceramic tiles ...
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Hadrian’s Tower is a bold residential development that brings a new building typology to Newcastle and challenges the existing pattern of housing provision in the city centre.
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Authorization of KTM-2000 in the system of registered exporters REX
On June 30, 2021 our enterprise (KTM-2000) became a registered importer in the international REX system (Registred EXporter system) used by Switzerland and Norway within the framework of national preferential systems.
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AlumForum-2021 webinars
Videoconference recording AlumForum-2021_online has appeared
"The Year of Architecture and Urban Planning in the CIS", which took place on June 10.

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AlumForum-2021 online "Year of Architecture and Urban Planning in the CIS"
June 10, online, on the AlumForum platform,
Union of Architects of Russia, Union of Moscow Architects in partnership with the Aluminum Association,
hold a strategic session with colleagues from the CIS countries "Aluminum in architecture and construction. Russia-Azerbaijan-Belarus-Kazakhstan. Exchange of experience".
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Minsk Rollerski Ski Bel "How is it done?"
The second season, we are engaged in a project that is not quite usual for us.
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Traditions of our company and feedback on our work
We have a great tradition, upon completion of any architectural project, we always try to make artistic photography of the completed project.  To do this, we either involve local professional photographers, or do the shooting ourselves, or ask our partners and colleagues to provide the best shots they have.
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132nd anniversary of the official opening of the Eiffel Tower
On March 31, 1889, on the western outskirts of Paris, the official opening of the tallest structure in the world, a 300-meter tower, designed by a talented design engineer, Gustave Eiffel, took place.
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