Titanium series - new colors in the KTM anodizing palette
Titanium series - new colors in the KTM anodizing palette

We closely follow the changing world of construction fashion, where architects and designers direct their gaze and try to promptly offer them the latest solutions, to be at the forefront of the aluminum industry.
This year, we have worked out the technology and launched into mass production a new group of UV-resistant electrochemical colors, shades of gray, obtained on the basis of titanium electrolyte.
These colors are obtained on the basis of metal salts, rather than organic dyes, so they have unsurpassed resistance to solar radiation, including ultraviolet radiation, which allows them to be successfully used not only for interior solutions, but also for architecture, for example, for finishing building facades. and their elements.
Unlike the classic colors "Champagne" or "Light Bronze" (according to the EURAS C31-C32 scale), the titanium series does not have a characteristic yellowish tint, it has pure gray tones, similar to noble platinum and various titanium alloys. Also, the titanium series repeats the gray shades of natural concrete, which today is often used as an option for finishing the interiors and exteriors of our buildings and dwellings.
At the beginning of summer, we already managed to implement the project of the Moscow metro station, using one of the colors of this series. So, at the BKL metro station Michurinsky Prospekt, the track walls were finished with honeycomb aluminum panels anodized in platinum color, this is the lightest shade of the titanium series.
And now we are pleased to present you the next, darker shade, which has the same name "titanium".
This color has long been awaited by our customers from the "floor profiles" and "tile finishing profiles" segments.
On October 1, "titanium" sills and tile profiles will start arriving in stores ...

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