Technical start-up of the BCL metro station "Zuzino", Moscow
Technical start-up of the BCL metro station "Zuzino", Moscow

While preparing for AlumForum-2021, we lost sight of the technical launch of another Moscow metro station on September 18, where we took a direct part - the "Zuzino" station.
At this station, for the first time in Russia, a new color of the Sandalor scale was applied - OliveGelb (olive yellow) S100-0.
This is the most interesting color from the Swiss-German Sandalor palette.
This color has gained particular popularity among Scandinavian architects, and has become one of the most popular, so we can confidently say that this is a new trend.
The bright, one might even say "acidic" color looks just superb, and in combination with the cold, artificial lighting of the station, it starts to sparkle and gives the impression that it is glowing from the inside ...
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