This year marks 15 years since the KTM Plant appeared in Logoisk
This year marks 15 years since the KTM Plant appeared in Logoisk

It was with this title that the October editorial appeared in the regional newspaper "Rodny Krai" and we decided to remember how it was and to pick up several photos from the archive, to remember those thanks to whom our KTM-2000 appeared and is successfully developing.
The history of our company dates back a little earlier and begins in 1996, when the sales department of German aluminum DIY-profiles "Gah Alberts" of the construction company "Priroda" was formed, created especially for the opening of its own DIY-retail trade network "Eurolux".
Later, in 2000, the founders of our enterprise, Leonid Gulevich and Vladimir Frolov, after visiting a partner production in Poland, decided to organize their own production and for this matter, a Belarusian-Lithuanian Joint Venture "KTM-2000" was registered.
The first production began in an unused warehouse-garage, but almost immediately we began construction of a small production building and an office on the territory of the parent company "Priroda" in Minsk.
Already in 2002, we moved to a new building that seemed even too spacious, where the head office of the KTM-2000 head enterprise and a logistics warehouse for finished products are still located.
By 2005, we had completely mastered the production area of the new building and faced a shortage of space. Temporarily, the problem was solved by installing several 40-foot High Cube containers on the territory for storing raw materials and components, but everyone perfectly understood that they needed to go further ...
The decision to expand production was found precisely in Logoisk, where in 2006 the first part of the "EPOS" production building, abandoned since the 90s, was purchased.
Thanks to Vladimir Frolov, our strategic partners, the "Plastil" group of companies ("BellaPack" and "Logopolymer"), were involved in the restoration and reconstruction of new areas, and in 2010 the remaining, second part of the building was bought out.
Together, we managed to breathe new life into this part of the Logoisk production zone.
Engineering networks were restored, gas has been laid, the territory was landscaped, access roads were asphalted, and most importantly, a huge 10,000-strong industrial building was restored, inside of which there are still two production facilities, the "KTM" Plant and the "Plastil" group of companies.
Returning to the article of the regional newspaper, we would like to note the contribution of all employees, our large team, and especially those who, with their daily work, develop the production and engineering potential of our company, bring it to the avant-garde of the domestic aluminum industry. Thank you, our dear colleagues; you are really experts of the aluminum industry!

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